Dublin Tunnel

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Tolls & Permitted Vehicles


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The following may use the Tunnel toll-free:

Access Restrictions

Toll Charges

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The tolls apply to cars, taxis, motorcycles and car vans/light commercial vehicles of 3.5 tonnes and under.

Northbound Toll Charges
Monday to Friday 1600 — 1900 €10
All other times including
Public Holidays
Southbound Toll Charges
Monday to Friday 0600 — 1000 €10
All other times including
Public Holidays

Toll Payment Methods

Wide Or Abnormal Load

  • Please see the attached for information about wide or abnormal loads.

    Safety Guidelines

    The Dublin Tunnel has been fitted with comprehensive mechanical and electrical systems, optical and gas monitoring equipment in order to ensure a safe environment for all users.

    Remove sunglasses and turn on headlights (dipped) before entering the Tunnel. Also check that you have sufficient fuel for the 5.6 km journey and tune into FM radio to hear any instructions the Operator may issue while you are within the Tunnel.

    Further safety information is available in the Safety section.