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Disability Toll Exemption Scheme

The Disability Toll Exemption scheme (DTES) for Irish Toll Roads is open for applications.

What is the Disability Toll Exemption Scheme?

The DTES was established by Transport Infrastructure Ireland in 2019 to allow disability modified vehicles who qualify for exemption under the Revenue Commissioners Drivers and Passengers with Disabilities Tax Relief Scheme (VRT7) to be exempt from charges on Irish toll roads. The National Scheme will replace the cards that were previously issued by Dublin Tunnel and other Toll Plazas.

How do I apply?

In order to apply you will need the following information:

Individual Contact Details Your Vehicle Registration Number (Licence Plate Number) Your Vehicle Registration Certificate or Motor Tax Disc which provides validation that your vehicle qualifies for the Disability Toll Exemption Scheme under the Revenue Scheme Rules.

How long will the disc be valid for?

Upon issue the disc will be valid for a period of 2 years and a new disc can be applied for using the procedures outlined.

What are the benefits of signing up for the scheme?

Once your vehicle has been registered and approved you will be issued a disc which needs to be affixed to the vehicle’s windscreen. This will allow your disability modified vehicle to driver hassle free through all Irish Toll Plazas

Where do I apply for the scheme?

Applying for the scheme is simple. You are required to fill out the online registration form available at www.dtes.ie or call the local number 1800 11 55 00 and an operator will assist you.

Customer Support Services


1800 11 55 00


Disability Toll Exemption Scheme
c/o Easytrip, EA House, Damastown, Dublin 15.

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