HGV's Route During Closures

Tunnel users are advised that during closures all HGV’s must use Alfie Byrne Road travelling to or from Dublin Port from the north city. Please follow Electronic Message Signs located at Poplar Row and East Wall Road. Only cars are allowed to use East Wall Road between Alfie Byrne Road and Poplar Row.

Tunnel Closures


StartStart TimeEndEnd timeReason
Thursday 1st April22:00Friday 2nd April05:00Full Tunnel Closure
Monday 12th April22:00Tuesday 13th April05:00Southbore Only
Tuesday 13th April22:00Wednesday 14th April05:00Southbore Only
Wednesday 14th April22:00Thursday 15th April05:00Southbore Only
Thursday 15th April22:00Friday 16th April05:00Full Tunnel Closure
Monday 19th April22:00Tuesday 20th April05:00Northbore Only
Tuesday 20th April22:00Wednesday 21st April05:00Northbore Only
Wednesday 21st April22:00Thursday 22nd April05:00Northbore Only
Thursday 22nd April22:00Friday 23rd April05:00Northbore Only
Monday 26th April22:00Tuesday 27th April05:00Northbore Only
Tuesday 27th April22:00Wednesday 28th April05:00Southbore Only
Wednesday 28th April22:00Thursday 29th April05:00Southbore Only
Thursday 29th April22:00Friday 30th April05:00Full Tunnel Closure
Monday 10th May22:00Tuesday 11th May05:00Southbore Only
Tuesday 11th May22:00Wednesday 12th May05:00Southbore Only
Wednesday 12th May22:00Thursday 13th May05:00Full Tunnel Closure
Thursday 13th May22:00Friday 14th May05:00Full Tunnel Closure
Monday 17th May22:00Tuesday 18th May05:00Southbore Only
Tuesday 18th May22:00Wednesday 19th May05:00Southbore Only
Wednesday 19th May22:00Thursday 20th May05:00Northbore Only
Thursday 20th May22:00Friday 21st May05:00Northbore Only
Monday 24th May22:00Tuesday 25th May05:00Southbore Only
Tuesday 25th May22:00Wednesday 26th May05:00Southbore Only
Wednesday 26th May22:00Thursday 27th May05:00Northbore Only
Thursday 27th May22:00Friday 28th May05:00Full Tunnel Closure